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The sea is the strength of our region, our truest characteristic, it is the setting for your sunrises and sunsets. In a small corner of the Mediterranean Sea there is your favorite beach!

The idea

Lido Calarena is certainly the oldest seaside facility located in the municipality of Mola di Bari. It was structured based on an idea of Mr. Antonio Leone (Don Antonio), who obtained the state concession for the area and built the first structures for bathing and heliotherapy in 1934.

The Concession

This concession was continuously registered in the name of Mr. Leone from 1934 to 1967, the year of his death. The concession, in those years, was transferred to his wife, Emma Ficarra and from 1969 to his children Antonia and Giovanni Leone, who were the holders of the concession first as a de facto company, then as a limited partnership; currently the concession is registered in the name of the company “Lido Calarena di Godano Daniela e Fara & C. s.a.s.” of which the general partners are the two daughters of Mrs. Antonia Leone, Mrs. Daniela and Fara Godano.

Calarena: an History of Passion!

Since 1934, the history of Lido Calarena has been intertwined with that of a family that has dedicated itself over the decades to its management with passion and dedication without forgetting the precious contribution of Peppino Capozzi, Don Antonio's valid collaborator, and Vito Berlingerio, trusted collaborator of Mrs. Antonia.
Their dedication to work and their affection towards Lido Calarena and the Leone family constituted a fundamental element in the birth of today's structure.

“We need to know the past to understand the present and orient the future”

– Cit. Tucidide – 400 A.C.


It is what we have always been inspired by over the course of almost a century, with great love and dedication, for a stretch of coast that many, young and old, frequent with joy.

About Us

"Nice equipped beach which includes a central cove with sand and rocks in the lateral areas. One of the closest sandy beaches to Bari, with affordable prices. "

Puglia, Antonella Maizza

"Simple and efficient. The essential services, a beautiful sea of ​​sand and the possibility of bringing food from home."

Puglia, Ubaldo Leo

"Quiet, clean and safe. We have been going there for years and when the sea is calm, it is clean. Well-kept showers and bathrooms. The bar could be improved. Recommended."

Puglia, Cristian Cros


Just bring your smile and your sunscreen with you, we’ll take care of the rest!

Lungomare Zara 1, 70042 Cozze BA
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